• MPS Interpretation/Translation Department


    Please send any questions or comments to the Registration Center and Translation Services Manager, Daisy Reis at dreis@mps-edu.org


    At this time, Marlborough Public Schools provides on site Translation/Interpretation services in Spanish and Portuguese. For any other languages, please contact Translation Services Manager directly at the Registration Center.


    *We understand that all inforation provided is confidential and we agree not to use or disclose any information*


    What is an interpreter?:   An interpreter is a person who provides oral interpretation between two speakers who speak different languages.

    What is a translator?:  A translator is a person who translates a written document from one language to another language.

    How do I request an interpreter (verbal)?:         

    How do I request a phone call interpretation: If you have the need for an interpreter to communicate with a family over the phone please do the following:

    How do I request written translation?:               


    *Note that many Special Education documents have already been translated.  You can find these documents and templates in many languages on the DESE Website.