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  • Marlborough High School and Patriot Ambulance, Inc.,

    Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) Certification Program


    Marlborough High School (MHS), in partnership with Patriot Ambulance, Inc., will offer the following EMT certification program as an option for interested seniors (Grade 12) students. 

    This is a free experience for MHS students. All expenses including tuition, fees, and course materials are covered through the Marlborough Public Schools. Students may earn 12 credits towards their Marlborough High School graduation requirements through this program.

    EMT coursework will be delivered by professional trainers at a local Patriot Ambulance, Inc., location. Transportation services may be provided for participating students. 

    Students will enroll in MHS classes during the morning session to continue with necessary graduation requirements (i.e. English, mathematics, etc.). 

    This coursework will not be weighted for GPA purposes.

    Interested students should speak with their guidance counselor prior to applying. This program may have limited availability for enrollment due to funding restraints. Students will be registered, and a lottery employed to help make fair and objective selections if applications exceed availability.

    This program is designed to provide participating students with three outcomes:

    • Professional certification as an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT)
    • Training in Emergency Medical Dispatch (EMD) and Public Safety Telecommunication (PST)
    • Work experience in the field through Patriot Ambulance, Inc. 

    Schedule (at Patriot Ambulance location):

    • 10:45am – 1:45pm on school days (only on days when school is in session)
    • Lunch can be arranged through the MHS cafeteria for students opting to purchase lunch through the school. Free and reduced lunch status applies. 

    Curriculum structure and goals:

    • Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) course – 165 hours
      • (Culminating exam required for certification)
    • Public Safety Telecommunication (PST) course – 40 hours
    • Emergency Medical Dispatch (EMD) course – 32 hours
    • Field experience – 90 hours