• Students and Parents:

    Each year approximately 70 colleges and universities send their admissions representatives to speak with Marlborough High School students. 
    The admissions representative will meet with interested students and will talk about the college, programs of study offered, admissions criteria (grade point average and SAT/ACT scores of accepted students), housing and cost of attendance.  Students can fill out an interest card and ask questions. These visits offer our students a wonderful opportunity to meet with the admissions representative in a smaller setting and make a good impression on the representative who will be reading their application. 
    Where are the meetings held?
    The meetings take place in the Guidance Conference Room on the third floor. Depending on the number of students who sign up, we may have to move the meeting to a larger room. If it is necessary to move the meeting, a sign will be posted on the Guidance Conference Room door. 
    How do I sign up to attend a college representative visit?
    You must sign up in advance through your Naviance account to visit with a college representative. Go to the College Visits tab where you will find a calendar of scheduled college representative visits. You will also be required to have the teacher who's class you will miss sign off on your visit.  If your teacher feels it is best you do not miss class, see your guidance counselor to get information on that college. Use the "college visit" form located in your Naviance document library and present it to your teacher at least a day in advance of the visit.
    Can I sign up the day of the meeting?
    No. You must sign up for a college visit anytime BEFORE the day that college rep will be visiting. 
    What do I/should I do at these meetings
    Consider this is a dress rehearsal for a college interview. Pay attention and come with a question or two in mind that you might want to ask. The admissions representative you will meet will likely be the person who will be reviewing your college application: make a good impression!
  • College Reps: to schedule a visit


    Marlborough High School is now using RepVisits to schedule high school visits. Please visit 


    to schedule a visit with us.