• College Planning Information for 11th Graders 



    • Register to take the PSAT/NMSQT during the school day in October 



    • While awaiting PSAT results, focus on your academics! Junior year is the year colleges look at closely for academic rigor and improvement in grades 

    • Make sure you have access to your Collegeboard account so when scores arrive you can view them.  If you did not already create a Collegeboard account make one at www.collegeboard.org. (You can only have one account so make sure you don’t accidentally create a second one.  Use your full legal name when making the account and store in the information in a safe place). 

    • During spare time start using your Naviance account to research colleges 

    • If you don’t know your login information for Naviance, please reach out to your guidance counselor. 

    • Use Naviance for Career and College Exploration 

    -Double click the image below to be taken to the video, then click play





    • When your PSAT/NMSQT results are available, use the FREE Khan Academy practice tools that CollegeBoard provides to start prepping for SAT 

    • With your PSAT scores, Khan Academy will be able to tell you what areas you need to focus on for the SAT and will provide you with practice questions to work on! 

    • As you are thinking about colleges you may want to apply to, start doing some virtual tours! 

    • www.youvisit.com has fantastic virtual tours of more than 600 colleges & universities 



    • Start to think about registering for the spring SAT or ACT 



    • Continue to focus on your academics. We should be at the point in the year where classes have introduced new materials and should become more and more of a commitment. 

    • Make sure you are doing a job to stay involved in extracurricular activities and in the community. Do your best to volunteer your time while taking into consideration possible weather and/or safety concerns. 

    • Begin planning your courses for your senior year! If you have questions you can reach out to your counselor, or ask during our scheduling appointments. 



    • Sign up to take the May or June SAT on www.collegeboard.org  

    • If the colleges you are interested in applying to require the ACT you’ll want to sign up for April or June ACT on www.actstudent.org  

    • Sign up to tour colleges you’re interested in during April Vacation week!  

    •  Visit the ‘Admissions’ page of the college website to see how to schedule a campus tour.  They fill up fast so make sure to plan ahead! 

    • Virtual tours for campuses that are too far to travel to during a school vacation week are a good alternative.  Plan on seeing these campuses during the summer to make sure you like the campus in person. 



    • Verify to see if the potential colleges you’re applying to in the fall require SAT Subject Tests.  This can be found on the ‘Admissions’ page of the college website under Admission Requirements. 

    • Research admissions requirements for your future colleges be careful to pay attention to special requirements based on your future major!  Ex: Nursing majors may have different deadlines for applying and requirements. 



    • Think about which teachers you will want to ask to write letters of recommendation for you! 

    • Fill out the Teacher Recommendation form found in Naviance under the About Me then Survey tab.  Give this completed form to teachers who have agreed to write letters for you! 

    • Ask your counselor to write a letter of recommendation for you and fill out the Counselor Recommendation sheet found in Naviance.  



    • Take June SAT 


    Summer before 12th grade 

    -Begin planning and writing your college essay 

    -Once it is available create a Common App account at www.commonapp.org 

    -Tour more colleges!