• Register for and take the PSAT
    • Explore your college options. Start to find colleges that match your interests. 
    • Attend college fairs. Get more information from different schools you think you might be interested, and talk to the admissions officers at the fair.
    • Participate in extracurricular activities, internships and volunteer positions.  Volunteer to take a leadership role. 
    • Sign up and use your NAVIANCE account. (You can get your user name and password information from your guidance counselor or Mrs. Hanson).   NAVIANCE can help you learn more about majors, careers and yourself!
    • Sign up for and attend college presentations scheduled through the College & Career Center. Look for more information and listings on colleges that will be visiting MHS in the fall newsletters.
    • Concentrate on classes and improve your grades
    • Meet with your guidance counselor. Discuss the colleges you are interested in.
    • Explore financial aid options and college planning with your parents/family
    • Ask your parents to attend our Financial Aid Night on December 8 at 7 p.m. to learn more about paying for college
    • Remind your parents to sign up and attend the breakfast meeting for Junior parents.
    • Register and study to be prepared for the spring SAT and ACT.
    • Plan to take SAT Subject Tests if needed


    • If possible, schedule college visits during February vacation (if you wait until April vacation, you may have a harder time scheduling a visit as colleges will be planning accepted student functions.) Take along a copy of the checklist for college visits – available in the College & Career Center!
    • Carefully review the college requirements as you choose your classes for your senior year. 
    • Plan to take a full academic workload. Choose challenging academic courses to show colleges you’re ready to do college-level work.
    • Consider taking AP courses and exams to receive college credit or placement at most colleges.
    • Narrow your choices down to five to eight schools. Include reach schools, “good fit” and safety schools in a variety of price ranges.
    • Attend the National College Fair in Boston at the Bayside Expo. Center

     Volunteer or do an internship this summer.