Sara Marlborough
    431 Bolton Street
    Marlborough, MA 01752
    Phone: 508-460-3500     Email address:   Myname@myprovider.com
    INTENDED MAJOR:   List your major, if you plan to double major or minor. UNDECIDED is okay, too!

    ACADEMIC AWARDS:     In this category, please list:
    ·         GPA, class rank
    ·         AP classes you have taken (list them – (Advanced Placement courses in English Literature,                   French, U.S. History, Government and Politics)
    ·         National Merit Scholarship semifinalist, Book Awards, AP Scholar
    ·         Faculty Awards you have received – what subject and what grade were you in
    ·         National language exam honors
    ·         Other academic awards (Boys/Girls State, Koplik Awards, Adams Award, National Honor                   Society, Tri-M, etc.)

    ART, ATHLETIC, BUSINESS, MUSIC, etc.  AWARDS:   List the award and give us details. For example:
    ·         Selected for Art All State, Music All State, District, etc. Grades 10 and 11. 
    ·         Selected as the “Most Valuable Player” for______
    ·         Second Place in the ABC Business Competition for my project “zzz”
    ·         Nationally ranked in X sport
    ·         Wind Ensemble earned a Gold Medal rating at the MICCA (Massachusetts Instrumental and               Choral Conductors Association) festival in March 2010 and explain what this means

    LEADERSHIP:      List any positions of leadership you have been elected/selected to and what you do in this position. For example,
    ·         Marching Band, Vice President, Grades 11 and 12. As Vice President, I am responsible for…….
    ·         Founding member of the XYZ Club. 

    SPORTS/CLUBS/ORGANIZATIONS:   List any clubs at the high school or in the community (and religious community) that you participate in, and the amount of time involved
    ·         Latin Club member – 1 hour per week for 40 weeks
    ·         Baseball
                    o    Grade 9 - Junior Varsity Team – Third Base
                    o   Grade 10, 11, 12 – Varsity Team – Third Base
    ·         Drama Club – Spring Musical (rehearsals and performances for 12 weeks = 150 hours)
    ·         Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, etc.
    ·         Marching Band Grades 8 through 12 - Play the clarinet.

    VOLUNTEER/COMMUNITY SERVICE: List any community service you have participated in, the years you were involved, and the number of hours (total) you have volunteered.  

    EMPLOYMENT:    Where do you/have you worked? Also give the number of hours per week and responsibilities. 
    OTHER: What else do you want me to know? Languages you speak, where you have traveled,
    1.       Don’t “undersell” yourself. Let us know how many hours you spend in your involvement with clubs, sports, music, art, volunteering, etc.   This is not the time to downplay your involvement.
    2.       Don’t assume we are familiar with every activity especially those outside of the high school. Telling us you “assisted with various Eagle Projects” is not the same as telling us that you have volunteered a total of 100 hours helping with Eagle Projects x and y and z.   Explain how your art work was selected for an art show. 
    3.       List the activities under each heading in the order of importance to you.
    4.       Keep in mind this resume is not the resume you would use to apply for a job.   We do not need a list of your references, your social security number or date of birth, objective (“to get a college education”), a closing statement, or that your personal interests are to listen to music, shop or hang with friends.)
    5.       ONLY include activities grades 8 through 12. We do not need a list of your elementary or middle school achievements. 
    6.       Please limit to 3 pages maximum.