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    Marlborough High School Girls Create Conference App

    Lt. Governor Polito Invites Students to Present App to State House

    STEM HS students create Conference App


    During the early planning phases for the 2017 MetroWest Conference for Women, Jen Meseda, the organization’s founder and president, and board members brainstormed ideas for the agenda.  Kelley French, Director of PSW Youth Careers and conference board member, suggested that Marlborough High School female STEM students develop an App specifically for the conference. Impressed by the App concept, Brian Geisel of Geisel Software, enthusiastically agreed to support the project and mentor the students.   

    To complete the App in time for the conference, each Marlborough High School student worked approximately 240 hours over the summer for a total of 1,000 hours.  Liz Couture, software engineer, from Geisel Software, mentored the students and was impressed by their dedication to the project. “These young women had me in awe!  They were enthusiastic and willing to learn a great deal to create a professional conference App.”

    At the September 14 MetroWest Conference for Women, the students, their teacher, Megan Fenneuff and summer contractor for PSW, Inc. assisted 550 conference attendees successfully download the App.  The comprehensive App included the conference schedule, workshop descriptions, exhibitors and sponsors. Using the App, attendees customized their day and provided feedback about their conference experience.  At the conclusion of the conference, both Mesada and Lt. Governor Karyn Polito, an advocate for promoting women in STEM careers, recognized the girls for their amazing work.  Impressed by the App, Polito invited the student creators to the State House to address the STEM Advisory Council.     

    Marlborough Public Schools is very proud of the young women from Marlborough High School’s STEM Early College Program who created the conference App.  To get this free app, visit the app store and download MetroWest Conference for Women.

      MHS Student Invited to Attend Obama's Youth Town Hall Meeting

     Obama Forum It’s not every day that one gets invited to attend a meeting with President Obama, but Aliya Nisbett, a junior at MHS, and Dan Riley, Director of STEM Early College High school, attended Obama’s student forum at the North Carolina A& T University on Tuesday, Oct. 11, 2016. View the video from this event.

    Jobs For the Future, a Boston-based nonprofit that works to ensure educational and economic opportunities, closely partners with MHS. As a result, Jobs For the Future passed their invitation to the forum to the Marlborough school district.

     Riley was honored to accept and accompany Nisbett, who was selected to attend because of her strong involvement in the Pathways Internship Program. Nisbett is currently taking engineering courses at Quinsigamond Community College and has participated in internships at Raytheon and Hologic. For more information about this exciting event, read the linked Metro West Daily News article.




    MHS Math Teacher Heather Kohn uses Desmos appHeather Kohn to boost student interaction and class discussion

     Kohn engages students in a discussion of algebraic functions using the new "Classroom Conversation Toolset." Click on the article "Pump up the volume: More talking in class, please!" to read about her strategies and philosophy. Also see this video broadcast by WMCT-TV.







    MA Lt. Governor Visits MHS STEM Program

    Polito Visit On March 8, 2016 Lt. Gov. Karyn Polito visited Marlborough High School to learn more about our STEM Early College High School. Polito and J.D. Chesloff, of the Governor’s STEM Executive Committee, met first with administrators, key STEM staff and elected officials to learn more about the program’s foundation and operation, then toured some STEM classrooms to talk with students and teachers. They wrapped up their visit with a recognition of the district’s recent District of Distinction award.

     “I will say that in many parts of the Commonwealth, what’s happening here in Marlborough doesn’t exist yet,” said Polito to a theater packed with students, faculty and staff, administrators, city and state elected officials, and STEM partners. “So, you’re in a very special and good place. We want to thank you for making this possible. We want to thank the students for making the decision to be a part of this – we need you! We need you to succeed, we need you to have the right skills because when you graduate with the right skills, whether it’s from this high school and you go directly into employment or you go on to college, you are part of a workforce that will continue to allow Massachusetts to hold that title of the most innovative state.” 


     Marlborough STEM in the news



    Recognitions / Presentations / Accolades



    • April 2016 – National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, national conference, STEM STEM Summit Teacher Heather Kohn presentation
    • November 2015 – National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, regional conference, STEM Teacher Heather Kohn presentation
    • 2015 MA STEM Summit, Grade 9 team presentation (see photo, right)
    • 2014-15 School Year – MPS STEM hosts representatives from more than 30 school districts nationwide to talk about program structure and curriculum
    • 2015 MassTech conference presentation, Fitchburg State University
    • 2015 Global STEM Conference at Regis College
    • 2014 Connecting Activities Conference
    • 2015 Rennie Center “State of Education” breakfast
    • 2014 Massachusetts STEM Summit
    • 2014 NEASC Model Schools Conference
    • 2014 Pathways to Prosperity Institute at Harvard University
    • 2013 Connecting Activities Supporting College & Career Readiness Conference
    • 2013 Statewide Future Ready Summit



    • October 2015 - Pathways to Prosperity Network highlights how Marlborough's STEM Early College High School program is creating new college and career pathways in engineering, computer science, biotechnology and information technology! To access the document, click here.
    • May 2015– MA Secretary of Education James Peyser visits MHS STEM program.
    • September 2014 – PTC Academy Champion Award with attendance by then MA Secretary of Education Matthew Malone.
    • June 2014 – MA Commissioner for Elementary and Secondary Education Mitchell Chester attend MHS STEM Expo.
    • September 2012 – MA Secretary of Education Paul Reville visits MPS STEM program.
    • October 2011 – MA Governor Deval Patrick celebrates first year of Race to the Top initiative by visiting Marlborough’s STEM program along with MA Secretary of Education Paul Reville and MA Commissioner for Elementary and Secondary Education Mitchell Chester