• Industry & Career Mentoring


    STEM Career Mentors meet in small groups or one-on-one settings to share their experience and guide students toward the career pathways that will be in high demand in the 21st century. Reflection on these experiences guides students in navigating their coursework and career pathways.

    STEM Mentoring Photo  

    Mentoring has a two-hour commitment four times during the school year. Mentor relationships encourage learning and growth and play a critical role in building confidence, knowledge and grit in young adults. Our program helps students acquire critical skills such as researching industries and building professional networks. We pair students with mentors in the growth sectors that match their interests, skills and potential.


    Based on career interest inventory results and self-reported preferences, students are paired with industry mentors in one of three sectors:

    • Engineering/ Advanced Manufacturing
    • Health Care/ Life Sciences
    • Computer Science / Information Technology


    As the STEM program continues to grow, we anticipate even more career pathways will be added to the mentoring program.


    For more information or to become involved in the STEM ECHS as a mentor, visit www.pswyouthcareers.org.