• Project-Based Learning


    Interdisciplinary project-based learning serves as one of the cornerstones of our STEM experience. In addition to connecting the content areas, PBL ensures a rigorous experience rooted in the relevance of current problems of practice facing our community and the world at large.

     Project-Based Learning Photo

    Students receive a separate grade for PBL, which is reflected on their high school transcript to help demonstrate the successful application of 21st century skills in the classroom.


    Our goal is to immerse all students in an environment that:

    • Promotes creativity & innovation.
    • Embeds opportunities for critical thinking and problem solving.
    • Emphasizes the need for strong and effective communication.
    • Requires high-level collaboration.
    • Supports them to answer the challenges of a rigorous standards-based curriculum.


    Examples of PBL projects over the past few years:

    • Going Green: How to lower the cost of energy consumption at Marlborough High School.
    • Develop a colony on Mars.
    • Transportation for and of the Future: An Eco-Friendly, Fuel-Efficient, Family Car.
    • Myth Busters (aka, The Science Project): Identify a problem that can be tested, answered, and explained through a scientific investigation.
    • The Importance and Integrity of Infrastructure: Designing Societal Improvements for the 21st Century.


    Photo: Freshmen STEM students Matthew Pearl and Benjamin Simmons took first-place honors at the February 2016 MHS Science & Engineering Fair with their research presentation "Testing Sound: From the practice room to the lab."