• STEM / PSW Career Speakers' Bureau


    The Partnerships for a Skilled Workforce (PSW) Youth Careers Speakers’ Bureau is a growing community of professionals representing companies, community agencies and government, who are passionate about investing in the STEM talent pipeline.


    Members of the Speakers’ Bureau sign up to participate in a variety of events based on their interests and availability. There is a two-hour commitment for most events.STEM Speakers Bureau Photo


    Professionals help young adults in Metro Southwest learn about careers by sharing their stories, expertise and encouragement. Their passion speaks volumes to young people, who are searching for inspiration and direction.


    Events such as the Marlborough STEM Expo are opportunities to interact with promising students, both as judges in project competitions and as presenters. Other opportunities include classroom/project consultants, site visit hosts, career panel speakers, teacher collaborators, professional development, internship supervisors, and more.


    Participation in the Speakers Bureau:

    • Adds value to students and to the industries.
    • Bridges academics and the real world and shows how they relate and work together.
    • Helps develop relationships and mentoring opportunities between students and industry representatives. Industry professionals have the opportunity to advise students about their career pathways.