• STEM Individual Development Plans


    Individual Development Plans (IDPs) are a crucial part of the academic, social and career-development growth of STEM students.


    The Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education defines an IDP as a “student-directed, multi-year, dynamic tool that maps academic plans, personal/social growth, and career development activities while taking into account the student’s unique, self-defined interests, needs, and goals for the attainment of postsecondary success.”


    The IDP process involves a progression of developmentally appropriate self- and career-awareness activities that allow students to make thoughtful and relevant choices in their coursework, activities and career paths.


    Consistent with the Marlborough Public School's efforts to create a digital learning ecosystem, students work within the online guidance tool Naviance, which is rich in college and career interest and strength identifiers. Students then combine their findings with group discussions and experiences, individual reflection, and counselor-assisted planning to map out pathways of study and targeted outcomes.


    Incorporated in the plan is the development of a personal portfolio, which can be shared with prospective colleges and employers as evidence of thoughtfulness, planning and achievement by the student.


    It is a highly personalized exercise, taking into account each student's unique, self-defined interests, needs and goals for the attainment of postsecondary success.