• Early College Pathways Program


    Beginning in the Fall 2016, Marlborough High School in partnership with Quinsigamond Community College (QCC), will offer an early college pathways as an option for all interested students beginning in their junior year. While the Early College Pathways program is an extension of our STEM Early College High School concept, students do not need to participate in the STEM program prior to their junior year to access these courses.


    The Early College Pathways Program is a free experience for MHS students. All expenses including tuition, fees and course materials are covered through the Youth CareerConnect grant provided by the Federal Department of Labor and our lead grantee, Jobs for the Future, Inc.


    These concurrent enrollment courses are delivered by the faculty of Marlborough High School during the regular school day and count towards the Marlborough High School graduation requirements. The MHS faculty assigned to these courses will be accredited adjunct professors. Students who complete a pathway will earn up to 12 college credits in each field of study. All of the pathways align with the MassTransfer program, which enables participating students to carry credits from QCC to articulated four-year institutions.


    All college courses taken by MHS students will be weighted the same as Advanced Placement coursework for GPA purposes.


    The college-required Accuplacer test will be administered to MHS students entering the program to ensure that prerequisites are met. In addition, MHS will offer a summer bridge English course for students who do not demonstrate an English qualifying score on the Accuplacer exam. The English bridge course is a non-credit bearing course.


    The following courses have been identified for Marlborough's Early College Pathways Program:

    • Introduction to Microcompter Applications
    • Introduction to Information Technology
    • Introduction to Microcomputer Applications
    • Composition I
    • Composition II
    • Manufacturing Safety


    Pathways that have been identified for the program include:

    • Computer Information Systems / Information Technology / Computer Science
    • Manufacturing Technology
    • Engineering
    • Health Care / Nurse Education
    • Biotechnology


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