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    Job Shadowing


    There is no substitute for experience, and job shadowing is a valuable way to introduce young talent to work in high-growth industries.

    Site tours and job shadowing can be offered to individuals or small groups, depending on the interests and availability of employers. Activities can include panel discussions, Question-and-Answer sessions, department tours, hands-on activities, and refreshments.

    Of particular importance in any job shadowing experience is a discussion about career readiness. Topics can include:

    • Soft skills, such as interpersonal communications, writing skills, appearance, courtesy, workplace culture, and more.
    • Education requirements, including but not limited to college courses and degrees, how the field of study was chosen, the purpose of core courses and the value of electives, and how the college experience relates to the job.
    • Work experience, including prior jobs that may function as prerequisites.




    It is a win-win proposition when employers provide young talent with work experience.


    The intern learns on-the-job training and experiences life in the workforce. The internship can inspire an intern to embrace the educational experience not just as a means to an end, but as a way to foster a lifetime of learning, discovery and innovation in a particular field of interest.


    The employer can connect with not just the intern but also his/her educational environment to better understand how and why students are taught a certain way and learn a certain way. Employers can gain new perspectives on old issues, help nurture the workforce of the future, and even identify potential future temporary or permanent employees - companies and organizations often are interested in hiring an intern or group of interns to complete a project.


    The time commitment for an internship is based on company needs. Employers can create new projects or delegate tasks for young hires to complete within a range of two- to eight-week internships. With the assistance of Partnerships for a Skilled Workforce, Marlborough tailors work experience to the needs of employers.


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    For more information or to become involved in the STEM ECHS as a mentor, visit www.pswyouthcareers.org.