• STEM Parent & Student Supports


    The Marlborough Public Schools STEM Early College High School program prides itself on providing extensive supports that help ensure the success of each and every student enrolled.


    The program offers the following student supports and features:

    • Teacher teaming model in grades 9 & 10.
    • Regular Instructional Support Team meetings with guidance counselors (see the academic support contract.)
    • Tutoring program for underclassmen.
    • Common planning time for STEM teachers.
    • All-honors curriculum.
    • Interdisciplinary project-based learning model.
    • Individual Development Plans beginning in Grade 9.
    • Sophomore mentoring experience with industry professionals.
    • Junior/Senior internship program.
    • STEMbassador leadership training for upperclassmen.
    • Early College pathways offering 12 to 30 college credits prior to graduation.


    Parents are exposed early to the STEM process. They are encouraged to participate in the decision-making process with students who are interested in the program. Parents are offered orientation and informational sessions, open houses, invitations to exhibits and fairs, and access to STEM teachers to discuss specific questions or concerns.


    Below is the Marlborough High School STEM faculty contact information:

    Grade 9

    Heather Kohn - Mathematics

    Paul Ciavola - ELA

    Sheldon Vigeant - History

    Scott Brown - Science

    Patrick McColl - Engineering


    Grade 10

    Megan Fenneuff - Mathetmatics

    Lindsay Shomphe - ELA

    Julie Jenks - History

    Stephanie Gill - Science

    Paul Duplessis - Engineering