• STEAM Week at Whitcomb


    In June 2016, the Whitcomb School kicked off its transition to STEAM with a weeklong focus on STEAM-related lessons, activities and information. We'd like to share our weeklong kickoff - see below!


    STEAM Week Graphic



    The following links will take you to various documents for STEAM Week.




    Day 1 - Monday June 13

    Board the Ship and Question Color! Understand STEAM and ask questions about colors


    Day 2 - Tuesday, June 14

    Visualizing Color! Explore what color means.


    Day 3 - Wednesday, June 15

    Why do I feel blue? Consider the emotional qualities and association of each hue.

    • Lesson 3 - Why do I feel blue? (pdf)
    • Lesson 3 - Why do I feel blue poem template (pdf - graphic organizer)
    • Updated Diamante Poem Structure:The Structure of a Diamante Poem
      • A diamante poem is made up of 7 lines using a set structure:
        • 1st Line :  1 word (Name the color)
        • 2nd Line : 2 Describing words (adjectives) about line 1
        • 3rd Line:   3 verbs OR 3 words that describe the smell or texture of the color
        • 4th Line :  A 4- 6 word phrase description of something that you associate with that color
        • 5th Line :  3 words A prepositional phrase (a where phrase about the color - in the _____, by the ______)
        • 6th Line:   2 Adjectives OR a 2 word phrase about line 1
        • 7th Line :  End subject (1 word)
      • An example of a diamante poem written about color (by Mrs. Demuth):


    Velvet. tassled

    Dark, Fuzzy, musty

    Grandma’s vast china living room

    That big house

    Don’t touch

    The curtains.


    Day 4 - Thursday, June 15

    Color the world! Mix, create and name hues.


    Day 5 - Friday, June 16

    What's in a name? Select and vote on a team name.