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    The MPS Phoenix Program

    85 Sawin Street

    Marlborough, MA 01752

    (508) 460-3505, ext. 5209



    Phoenix families: Please see the Electronics Policy


    The Phoenix Program is a public alternative high school dedicated to the intellectual, social, behavioral, and physical development of each student within a diverse community.


    Phoenix Program services are designed to meet the needs of the student through its educational, vocational, clinical, and behavioral components. Teachers differentiate instruction within the classroom, adapting Massachusetts Frameworks as necessary to allow students to progress at their own pace.


    The ability to function in classes is further enhanced by small-group instruction and behavior modification programs, and by using a token economy. The clinical component offers regular individual and group sessions with an aggressive approach toward involving families. The clinical team also teaches a social skills class and provides individual and group counseling


    The vocational component assists students in obtaining jobs in the community. Career counselors match student interests with community-based job opportunities. Students are supported through job coaching, resume writing workshops, mock interviews, and ongoing encouragement and support.


    The after-school program provides students with an opportunity to receive additional academic support. The after-school program provides a structured time for students to participate in a credit recovery program, MCAS Prep, art projects, sports, and cooking.


    Location and Facilities: The Phoenix Program is located in The Hildreth School, 85 Sawin Street, where it has been located for 15 years. Students attending the Phoenix Program have access to spacious classrooms equipped with smart boards, a computer lab, an art room, a learning center, a gymnasium, and a cafeteria.


    Admissions Procedure: Students whose needs are not being met at Marlborough High School are referred to The Phoenix Program. The program director sets up an interview and tour. The program director reviews the student's record to ensure the appropriateness of the placement and reports back to the Marlborough High School principal.


    Philosophy: The Phoenix Program is an accredited, alternative public high school that services students who prefer a nontraditional school setting and benefit from flexible scheduling, a small structured learning environment with behavioral modification programs and ongoing support. Our students were not successful in a typical school setting, therefore we have changed the environment to help support our students. The Phoenix Program offers students a supportive community while encouraging social, emotional and academic development in a safe and caring alternative environment.