• House System & Lines of Communication


    As we continue to find ways to strengthen relationships and connections with our students, we have adopted a House System. For this school year, students have been randomly assigned to two different houses – House Orange and House Black. The student is assigned to the house when they enter MHS, and remain in the house until graduation. The house consists of a house secretary, assistant principal, two guidance counselors, a school adjustment counselor, and a school nurse. The intent is to provide the student and family with a consistent point of contact for the duration of the child’s high school career. House assignments are posted on the student’s schedule. As a result of this change, your child’s counselor may have changed. Please consult your child’s schedule for more details.




    House Orange is located on the third floor, at the entrance of the World Langueges wing.

House Orange Lines of Communication


    House Black is located on the second floor, at the entrance of the English wing.

House Black Lines of Communication