• Applying to college  

    Students generally apply to between four and six colleges.  By the time students return to school for their senior year, Seniors should have developed their college list of where they plan to apply. This list should include three categories of schools:  reach, realistic, and safety schools. 

    Reach:  A reach school refers to colleges where average accepted student grade point averages (GPA) and standardized test scores (ACT, SAT) are higher than those of the applicant.  Reach schools are long-shots, but they should still be possible.  

    Realistic:  Realistic colleges are schools where your academic credentials are in the range of (or even exceed) the average accepted student.  Though the student is not guaranteed admission if they have the scores and GPA, they are likely to be admitted.

    Safety:  Safety schools are schools where your academic credentials are above the school's range for the average freshman.  


    Students should be using their Naviance account to research colleges and record the colleges they plan to apply to.  Naviance can help students determine if they are a good fit for acceptance at a university based on data from previous MHS students.  

    MHS uses Naviance exclusively to electronically submitted transcripts.  Students must have their colleges listed in Naviance before we can send transcripts.  See your guidance counselor if you have questions.