• Please note that aside from the building restrictions imposed by COVID-19 we are moving Scholarships along as close to original deadlines as usual. Applications due to Ms. Rae (aside from those already cancelled) must be mailed to the high school attention: Ms. Rae. All others are still to be mailed according to their directions on their application. RESUMES with Major/Interests must be submitted to Ms. Rae. Contact Ms. Rae with any questions: krae@mps-edu.org. All communication continues via Naviance.



    Below is a list of all the local Scholarships that Marlborough High School is offering. This is divided into two sections and most will have directions and/or applications available on Naviance. Each student is responsible for making their own copies outside of school.

    To access applications online:

    • Log into your Naviance account
    • Go to Naviance Student
    • Go to your “Colleges” tab
    • Click on “Scholarship List” folder
    • Click directly on title of application you want
    • Download and print each one you may want to apply to or follow directions within their description boxes.
    • Do not select a category – these are not listed
    • Follow directions and deadlines on each application
    • Order your official transcripts through the Ms. Rae, Room 335B.
    • Pick up your unofficial transcript after the end of Term 2.

    If you have any issues or questions, please contact Ms. Rae via email: krae@mps-edu.org


    Section 1 requires applications to either be mailed direct to the donor or submitted to Ms. Rae in the Guidance Department, Room 335B. Please read carefully where each application must be sent! Section 2 (Below) lists those Scholarships that are from local donors but Marlborough High School has a Scholarship Committee which will determine the recipients for each one.

    Akroyde-Houde Post 132 American Legion Veterans' Memorial
    American Legion Auxiliary, Unit 132 (female, rank top 50%)
    Belec, Frederic A. Memorial (music/math throughout high school)
    Citizens Scholarship Foundation/Dollars for Scholars
    Denis, Jason M. (major in science, math, engineering or business)
    Dental Associates of Marlborough
    Dutchka, Jonathan Memorial (music interest)
    Hudson Lodge of Elks
    Harry Hutch Memorial
    Italian American War Veterans Ladies Aux.
    Jaworek PTO Scholarship (attended Jaworek Elementary)
    Kane PTO Scholarship (attended Kane Elementary)
    Main St. Bank/Marlborough Foundation/Robert Ercolani Memorial
    Marlborough AHEPA
    Marlborough AHEPA Family Award
    Marlborough Educators' Association, Inc. (student of MEA member)
    Marlborough Fish & Game Association (wildlife, forestry, fishery, environmental)
    MHS All Sports Booster Club
    MHS Class of 1956
    MHS Drama Club
    MHS Girls Soccer Scholarship
    Marlborough Hospital Auxiliary Health Career
    Marlborough Hospital Herbert "Buster" McLaren Scholarship (nursing)
    Marlborough Lions' Club (ophthamology, medical)
    Marlborough Police Patrol Officers' Criminal Justice
    Marlborough Public Library Trustees
    MPS Music Association
    Marlborough Regional Chamber of Commerce (business)
    Marlborough Rotary Club and Fitzgerald
    Marlborough Sons of Italy
    MYBA Babe Ruth Baseball Scholarships
    MYBA Cal Ripken: Patrick McNeill & Sean Tupper
    Marlborough Youth Girls Softball
    Marlborough Youth Soccer
    Masciarelli, Frank N. Memorial (criminal justice, human services)
    Mass. Coalition of Police Local 366
    McCarthy, Thomas J. Memorial (history major at a MA college)
    Reilly, Kay
    Richer Elementary PTO (attended Richer Elementary)
    Giselle R. Rodriguez/Hologic, Inc. (financial need, female students)
    Siwko, Eric I. Jr.
    Sullivan, Richard F. Sr. & Michael P. Memorial
    Tata, Donald J Tata Engineering (engineering, 3.0 GPA)
    Triboro Youth Hockey Association
    Walker Development & Construction Engineering Scholarship
    1Lt. Charles W Whitcomb School PTO (attended Whitcomb for all 4 years)



    Section 2 lists those Scholarships that are from local donors but Marlborough High School has a Scholarship Committee which will determine the recipients for each one.

    You must file a resume with an intended major in order to qualify. Some require an application as listed below.

     Aramark (culinary field)
    Avidia Bank – David F. Lamson Memorial
    Blackney (criminal justice, library science)
    Brucchi (technical or vocational field)
    Cappaccio (environmental engineering)
    Clarke (application) (world language)
    Clement, Justin
    Colonial Garden Club (natural science)
    Gauvin (application)
    Girard, Annabelle Mem
    Greenlaw (nursing)
    Grogan, Elizabeth (elementary education)
    Haddad (unique education needs)
    Honey Dew (application)
    Iannini (humanitarian)
    Margolis (application)
    Marlborough AHEPA Diamantis
    Marlborough Eagles (community service)
    MHS Class of 44 (application)
    Maslowski (medicine)
    Minehan, Michael Memorial
    Miranda Bread
    Murphy Insurance (application)
    Naves, Jennifer Scholarship
    O'Brien (political science or communication)
    Republic Services (environmental science/general business)
    Richer, Leonora & Raymond (application)
    St. Mary's Credit Union (application)
    Scerra, Stephen Memorial
    Searles, Howard
    Tayntor (UMASS/Amherst agriculture)
    Torelli (application)
    Tudor Club (application)
    Michael Fahey/Ward Family
    Wheeler (female student, education major)
    Williams (female student, language education major)
    Zedick, Janet Rugg