• Computer Device & Network User Agreement


    The Marlborough Public Schools is committed to preparing today’s students with the skills and ability to be successful and compete in the 21st century global society. This means providing each student with technology access, education, and resources to share information, conduct research, problem-solve, and be innovative.


    The school district intends to accomplish this through the implementation of 1:1 technology for all students grades 3-12. Technology is a powerful springboard to higher-level learning, and creating that connection through this means is paramount. Government leaders have asked every school to “accelerate the transition to the digital age by integrating social networking, simulations and monitoring, online testing, web-connected instruction and research, and eBooks” into the classroom.


    The attached documents detail the Marlborough Public Schools Computer Device and Network User Agreement Guidelines. All students and their parents/guardians are required to review, sign and return this document to their respective schools.


    Marlborough Public Schools Computer Device and Network User Agreement Guidelines: English / Portuguese Spanish