• Freshman and Sophomore Thematic Learning Opportunities

    Marlborough High School has expanded its interdisciplinary project-based learning (PBL) opportunities with the launch of two additional thematic learning experiences in fine arts and entrepreneurship. All freshmen and sophomore students self-select into one of the following thematic experiences:

    9th Grade Offerings

    Please note: All 9th and 10th Grade students have access to our full year performing groups. Students can have these full year courses substituted for up to two (2) half year courses.

    Performing Groups


    These thematic opportunities are not “pathways” constructed to prepare students for a career after high school. Rather, they help guide our teacher teams to bring curriculum to life with real-world applications. This curriculum is designed to make learning fun, rigorous, and relevant. For example, our sophomore STEM students may incorporate a project-based learning experience that requires them to plan for colonizing Mars. This project brings all content areas together and highlights important aspects of what students learn in each course of study.

    Interdisciplinary PBL is separated out for grading purposes. Students will receive a PBL grade on their report card for each semester during grades 9 and 10. PBL grades are unweighted and have no bearing on Grade Point Average (GPA). Including this grade on our transcript helps MHS students demonstrate to colleges that they have participated in multiple years of interdisciplinary PBL.


    CoursesProject-based Learning (PBL) 9 and Project-based Learning (PBL) 10  2 credits (1 credit per semester)