• Below are some examples of how employers can become involved!


    Sponsor internships or jobs for MHS students.

    An important component of college and career readiness is participation in internships.

    Do you have summer opportunities for our students or other internships that can help students learn the soft skills and expertise needed for success? Examples of such opportunities in which our students have participated so far: developing a conference app with Geisel Software, participating in an engineering design project at Dow, and designing a health project at UMass Memorial Marlborough Hospital.

    Do you need help identifying and/or developing job- or internship-worthy projects for students? Click here to contact Career Specialist Amanda Chenier for help!

    Already have an internship/job opportunity? Post them here: http://masswbl.org/connectwebform.htm

    Judge at STEM Expos and the Science Fair.

    Each year, MHS sponsors a STEM Expo and a Science Fair to promote student research and presentation skills, and to showcase student work. Serving as a judge at these fairs brings the “real world” into the classroom through student interaction with business and industry professionals.

    Offer mentoring opportunities.

    What could be more rewarding than to work with students and inspire them in their college and career pathway! We have a flexible mentoring program that might be just right for your employees. As an example, Dell offers a workshop for our students in designing an effective “elevator pitch.”

    Underwrite a student field trip.

    Not all learning takes place in the classroom! Consider supporting an off-campus learning experience.

    Fund special equipment or innovative spaces.

    Your financial support can help MHS develop and maintain an environment of experimentation, creativity, and innovation, where students can take risks, solve problems, and let their creativity soar!

    Host student tours of your facility.

    Workplace tours help students understand how their course choices and career pathway can lead to satisfying careers.


    To explore any of these opportunities, please contact MHS Career Specialist Amanda Chenier at achenier@mps-edu.org