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    Quick Start Guide for Families

    TalkingPoints is a two-way, multilingual family engagement messaging platform that Marlborough Public Schools has purchased in order to facilitate communication between school and home. Not only is TalkingPoints an easy-to-use platform that many of our teachers are already using, but TalkingPoints translates communications in 100+ languages using a combination of machine/AI and human translation helping to remove the barriers to family engagement.

    New to TalkingPoints? No worries! On this page you will find resources help to get familiar with the platform and how your child’s teacher will be using it this year.

    Check out these short  videos explaining TalkingPoints:


    Families have three easy ways to use TalkingPoints and to communicate with their children’s teachers for free. They can use text messaging, download the TalkingPoints for Families app - or they can use it online at TalkingPoints for Families.

    Download on the Apple App Store    Get it on Google Play

    To keep receiving updates via Text message, there is nothing more to do – you’re already signed up.

    To receive messages via the app, follow the directions included on this page.

    After downloading the app:

    • Step 1: Select the language you would like to send and receive messages in.  
    • Step 2: Type in your mobile phone number (required) and your email address (optional). 
    • Step 3: Check your text messages for a 5-digit verification code from TalkingPoints. Enter the verification code to continue. 
    • Step 4: Follow the on-screen directions to set up the app. Your child’s teacher(s) will be already matched in the app.


    More information For Families from TalkingPoints: