• Performing Arts


    Art education is essential to the intellectual, social, and emotional development of each individual. The arts promote 21st century skills necessary to succeed in today’s world including, but not limited to, effective communication, visual and media literacy, collaboration, and global awareness.


    The 1st Lt. Charles W. Whitcomb School offers the following opportunities for our students.




    Music is an essential subject that fosters creativity, problem-solving, teamwork and provides a voice to our fundamental need for beauty and self-expression. With an emphasis on singing, performing, listening, music theory and music history, all students participate daily in General Music for a full term.


    Orchestra & Band

    Grades 6-8. These 2 programs are available to all 6-8 students interested in playing a string, wind or percussion instrument. For all grades, small-group instrument instruction takes place before or after school (optional). All ensembles meet as a full group during the school day. They have three or more performances throughout the year. Grades 7/8 groups compete in festivals/competitions and can audition for "Junior Districts." They also play in the local parades. Students may participate in both Chorus and Band OR Chorus and Strings. Band and Orchestra is a prep/feeder program for Marlborough High School.


    Jazz Ensemble

    After-school program that meets once a week and has three or more performances a year. Jazz Ensemble I participates in the MAJE Jazz Festival and can audition for the District Jazz Band.


    Chorus – Grades 6-8

    Available for all students and includes three or more performances each year. Grade 6 meets once a week after school, and grades 7 & 8 meet twice a week during school. Grades 7/8 participate in festivals/competitions and are eligible to audition for "Junior Districts."


    Musical Production

    8th grade students entertain the community via an annual musical production.