• World Language at Whitcomb


    7th and 8th Grades


    Language study in the 7th and 8th grades covers curriculum equivalent to a full-year course at the high school for the first level of a language. Academic expectations for the 7th and 8th grade program foster strong organizational, interpersonal and presentational skills. In addition, students are assessed in listening, speaking, reading and writing on a routine basis and receive homework assignments regularly. With the exception of Latin, instruction is primarily in the target language. Students from two teams meet daily for world language instruction, while students on the STEM team meet every other day.


    Students who begin a language in the 7th grade are committed to completing two consecutive years in the same language at the middle school. At the end of the 8th grade, students may choose to continue in level 2 of the same language, or they may choose to begin a new language in the 9th grade. The high school graduation requirement is two years of the same language at the high school level.