• Technology/Engineering

    T/E classes meet on a trimester schedule (1/3 of the school year) and are involved with interdisciplinary projects. Because of the current epidemic, all technology engineering classes are being taught remotely.

    3D Model

    6th grade: Students explore the world of engineering through online content including CAD projects (computer aided design) and 3d software. The engineering design process will be utilized with a student designed 3d model of their name.  Measuring skills will be practiced including imperial and metric systems. 

    CAD Drawing with Penguins CAD Drawing

    7th grade: 7th Grade Engineering exposes students to construction, transportation, and communication technologies through virtual hands-on projects. Examples include the study of bridges and the forces associated with structural engineering by designing and testing a series of bridges through online challenges that test the bridge after it is built while staying under budget. Also, students will learn the techniques and skill associated with 3D design software, and have the opportunity to print out a design of their own making on one of the classroom’s 3D printers.

    Student made Clocks

    8th grade: Focus is placed on materials, tools and manufacturing. Project-based activities include mass production and custom manufacturing processes. Additionally, students prepare for the Science and Technology/Engineering MCAS exam through a review of the grades 6-8 T/E Standards and Practices.