• Technology/Engineering


    T/E classes meet on a trimester schedule (1/3 of the school year) and are involved with interdisciplinary projects. STEAM projects involve collaboration with the Science, Technology/Engineering, the Arts and Math disciplines (the Arts include ELA, Social Studies, Art and Music).


    The 5-8 T/E classes prepare the students for the 8th grade Science and Technology/Engineering MCAS exam. (See www.doe.mass.edu/frameworks/scitech/2016-04.pdf.) These are fully equipped facilities with tools and machines that support learning standards.


    Having a Blast with Rockets

    5th grade: Students are introduced to the Engineering Design Process. Topics such as structures, robotics and transportation are developed through project-based learning. Projects are researched, designed, and built in both the virtual and physical worlds.




    Building Bridges

    6th grade: Using tools, materials and machines in a project-based learning environment, the students apply 21st century skills. Students design using Computer Aided Drafting (CAD) and create a physical project using the engineering design process. Emphasis is placed on safety, measuring, and cooperative learning.



    CO2 Dragster Fabrication

    7th grade: Building upon the 6th-grade T/E experience, students take the engineering design process to the next level. 3D Computer Aided Drafting (CAD) models are created, which are used to fabricate 3D printed projects. Research, design, and engineering concepts are used to build, test, modify and race CO2 Dragsters. Students also create a mass communication project to deliver a message.


    Students Design Clocks 8th grade: Focus is placed on materials, tools and manufacturing. Project-based activities include mass production and custom manufacturing processes. Additionally, students prepare for the Science and Technology/Engineering MCAS exam through a review of the grades 6-8 T/E Standards and Practices.