• Student Handbook

    The Marlborough High School Student Handbook provides the rules and guidelines that set the foundation of our daily operations. A safe school that provides a climate of respect for all is essential to ensure an environment conducive to learning. Adherence to the rules and regulations in our Handbook allows this to take place. Staff, students, and parents working together can help us reach these goals.

    In addition to the academic information, this handbook provides information about co-curricular activities, guidance services, and codes of conduct. Many opportunities are available at Marlborough High School for any student interested in extending the academic school day. We recommend that students become actively involved in the many facets of education that exist here at Marlborough High School.


    All students must have a Parental Consent Form on File with Marlborough High School. Following your review of the handbook, please complete ONE of the following options:

    Online Parental Consent Form

    You will complete this form on your Computer, Smartphone, or Tablet and school receives your responses electronically. (Link)

    Printable Parental Consent Forms

    You may download and print the consent forms. (Three in total) Please return them to your student’s House Office.

If you are having trouble viewing the document, you may download the document.
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