• Car Seat Safety

    The Marlborough ECC's primary concern is the safety and well-being of the children. Car seats - properly used - are a proven way to keep children as safe as possible while riding in a vehicle. Additionally, it is the law.

    Car Seat Safety

    To read the law, visit here.

    You can find more information on Child Passenger Restraint Law in Massachusetts here. Important Points include:

    • All children riding in passenger motor vehicles must be in a federally approved child passenger restraint that is properly fastened and secured according to the manufacturer's instructions until they are 8 years old OR over 57 inches tall.

    •  When children outgrow their booster seats (usually around age 8, but more importantly, when they are taller than 57 inches), they must wear a seat belt that is properly adjusted and fastened according to the manufacturer's instructions until the age of 13. 

    It's crucial to note that it's not the age that deterimes when a child no longer has to ride in a child safety seat, it's height.

    If you have any concerns or questions about the use of car seats or need additional information, please contact the Marlborough ECC at (508) 460-3503.