• Welcome to the Hildreth Program


  • Welcome

    85 Sawin Street

    Marlborough, MA 01752

    Phone: (508) 460-3505

    Fax: (508) 460-3746

    Joseph Padilla, Program Director

    Breakfast: 7:20-7:35 am

    Student Instructional Day: 7:35 a.m. to 1:55 p.m.






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    Parents: Please see the attached letter from District Attorney Ryan, plus the accompanying information about student truancy and attendance. English / Portuguese / Spanish


    About the Hildreth School

    The Hildreth School is an accredited alternative public high school that services students who prefer or require a nontraditional school setting.  Students benefit from flexible scheduling and a small structured learning environment with academic, social, emotional and behavioral support.  Services are designed to meet the needs of each student through its educational, clinical, and behavioral components.  Teachers may differentiate instruction within the classroom, adapting Massachusetts Frameworks as necessary to allow students to progress. The Hildreth School offers students a supportive community while encouraging social, emotional and academic development in a safe and caring alternative environment.  Students attending this program are recommended through a referral process that is originated at Marlborough High School through a guidance counselor.  In some instances, this process may require a detailed team process to process the referral. 



    Resources and information



         Administration / Main Office

    Joseph Padilla, Program Director, ext. 5208

    Constance Evangelous, Administrative Office Support, ext. 5209



    Hildreth Faculty/Staff 

    John Andrews, Sp. Education Teacher, ext. 6207

    Bill Beccia, History Teacher, ext. 6306

    Kim Bolieau, Paraprofessional, ext. 5304

    Rachel Burns, Guidance/School Adjustment Counselor, ext. 5508

    Robert Fillios, Paraprofessional, ext. 5304

    Jeremy Greco, Wellness Teacher, ext 6122

    Kristine Kazarian, Spanish Teacher, ext. 6306

    Dave Marieni, Math Teacher, ext. 6201

    Jaime McCabe, ELA Teacher, ext. 6301

    Matthew McGrail, Science Teacher, ext. 6209

    Jen Osburn, History Teacher, ext. 6307

    Jen Pistone, EL Teacher, ext. 6309

    Joanna Poirier, Math Teacher, ext. 6202

    Valerie Sophos, Art Teacher, ext. 6203

    Douglas Tocio, ELA Teacher, ext. 6302

    Jennifer Zannoni, School Adjustment Counselor, ext. 5308