• About the Marlborough Public School District

    We Are Marlborough graphic Marlborough Public Schools is a district of 4,704 students (september 2021), served by an early childhood center, four K-5 elementary schools, one 6-8 middle school, and a high school of grades 9-12, with an additional alternative program for high school students. For detailed information about a specific school, use the "Schools" tab above.

    The City of Marlborough is a hub for high-tech industry and home to approximately 40,000 individuals from a wide range of socioeconomic backgrounds. The city’s population grew by about 14 percent throughout the 1990s and has grown steadily since then by about 2-5 percent each year.

    Marlborough has seen a wave of immigration in the past ten years. 33.2 percent of the city’s population speaks a native language other than English at home. In the Marlborough Public Schools, more than 34 percent of our students live in homes where English is not the first language spoken. The percentage of MPS students whose first language is not English has risen by 40 percent since 2006.


    District Mission:

    The Marlborough Public Schools values excellence as a standard for both educational programs and services and internal operations, ensuring that each individual student has the opportunity to be successful in an information-rich, global society. Through high expectations and a strong academic program, students will begin and maintain the lifelong learning process which will prepare them for the challenges ahead and the importance of becoming a contributor to their community.


    Belief Statements 

     Marlborough Public Schools Belief Statements - We believe and value:

    • The individuality and uniqueness of each child.
    • The special talents and abilities of each child.
    • The truth that all children can learn.
    • The respect for personal and cultural diversity.
    • The respect and dignity of each member of the school community.
    • The student’s right to equal access to educational opportunity.
    • The partnership between the school system and the community.


    Marlborough Public Schools Districtwide Goals:

    1. Increase positive outcomes for ALL students by strengthening academic and behavioral instructional strategies.
    2. Support the partnership between the Marlborough community, Marlborough school families, and the Marlborough Public Schools through ongoing outreach opportunities and resources.
    3. Address action steps formulated in the District Improvement Plan, School Improvement Plans and district Technology Plan.


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