• MPS is going mobile!


    On September 5, Mmobile app graphic PS will release the MPS Connect Mobile App! This free app – which will be available in both Apple and Android formats – will offer fast access to MPS news and announcements, district and school calendars, lunch menus, social media, athletics, contact information, and more.

    In March 2017 we transitioned our website to a translatable, responsive design format. We are now integrating it with our new mobile app to provide a comprehensive digital communication system for our students, staff, parents, potential new families, and community to be able to access MPS information on their device of choice.

    Anyone is welcome to download the app, but the MPS Connect mobile app is especially powerful for MPS families. The app lets you select the schools you want to follow, receive district- and school-based announcements promptly, and more. Parents will be able to tailor the app to prioritize the information they want to receive.

    Join us on September 5 and go mobile with MPS!


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    How will I be able to get the mobile app? Is there a cost?

    • Beginning September 5, both the Apple App Store and the Android Play Store will have the app available.
    • Specific information about accessing and downloading the app will be posted on the MPS website on Sept. 5.
    • No, there is no cost to download and use the app!

    What will the MPS Connect Mobile App do? What will I be able to access from the mobile app?

    • The MPS Connect Mobile App will put district news, announcements, activity calendars, and other information at your fingertips in a mobile format designed for smart phones and tablets.
    • From the mobile app, you can access district and school calendars, notifications, staff directories, photos, the Aspen Portal, athletics, the Superintendent’s message, School Committee meeting information, bus routes/transportation information, Facebook and Twitter feeds, and other resources. 

    Will I be able to see my child’s classes, grades and attendance using the app?

    • Yes! The MPS Connect Mobile App will include an Aspen Portal for you to access student information. You will need your Aspen user name and password to log onto the portal.

    Will I be able to access lunch menus on the mobile app?

    • Yes! The app’s Lunch icon takes you to the district’s Food Services webpage, where lunch menus will be posted by grade level and by month. You can view the desired pdf of a lunch menu on your device. 

    What about bus routes?

    • The app’s Bus Routes icon will take you to the district’s Transportation webpage. Bus routes will be posted by building on that page; you can view a schools’ routes by clicking on the link.