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Red Nose Day

  • Over 160 Jaworek Elementary School third grade students and their teachers wore red noses on May 24, 2018, on international Red Nose Day to raise money for children in poverty.


High Five Award Winners

  • High Five Award winners are students who are going above and beyond in all areas of school! These students are recognized each month by their peers! Congrats High Fivers! 

Bricks for Kids

  • Thanks PTO for sponsoring a fun and educational program! 

Lexia Super Stars

  • Check out our Lexia Superstars! Be sure to check back regularly for updates! 

Third Grade Skype Experience

  • The PTO paid for three Skype Experiences for the third graders at Jaworek School.  The Skype Experiences were with the Boston Tea Party Museum and the students participated in the Boston Massacre Trial Skype Experience.


    Students were given character cards to participate in the Skype Experience.  Each student had a role to play.  We had 2 co-counsels, 12 jury members, 4 magistrates, 12 witnesses and citizens of Boston.  The jury then had to decide on a guilty or not guilty verdict in the Boston Massacre Trial.  


    The students had a nice time reenacting the events of the Boston Massacre Trial.  Not only was this part of our social studies curriculum (American Revolution unit), but the students also got to use technology in their learning.


    The attached photos are students from Mrs. Tostoes' and Mrs. Nicholson's class.  The other third grade classes are also participating in the Skype Experiences this week.