• Event Chair Guidelines:

    Building Request Form:                       

    ·       Fill out form in Main Office (President)

    ·       Date, Time and any Specific instructions for set up

    Event Planning:

    ·       Please keep President informed on details/purchases

    ·       Pick-up/ drop off companies that may pertain to event.  aka slushy cart

    ·       Company Contact information and Chair phone number for questions

    ·       Reach out to Volunteers to confirm time slots before event

    ·       Use online sign-ups Survey Monkey


    ·       Contact Treasurer for event budget

    ·       Check PTO basement before purchasing

    ·       PTO purchases need to be made using the tax-exempt certificate (ask for a copy) and must be purchased separately from personal purchases. Receipts go to Jamie Ullery-Treasurer.


    ·       Donation Requests should be on PTO Letterhead. Ask if you do not have a copy.

    ·       Letterhead should contain: Tax id#, 501c


    ·       Date, Time, Location, Event Description, Contact Person email and/or Phone number. Bake Sale donations.

    ·       Send to Jess Culkin & Jen Elliott for social media and for Backpack Email.

    ·       Backpack mail is sent home every Wednesday. Please plan accordingly please have flyers finished week before they are to be distributed. All flyers must be first be translated into Spanish and Portuguese. Flyers will be distributed 2x before event.

    Social Media:

    ·       Please email flyer copy(s) to Jess Culkin & Jen Elliott for posting on Facebook, Twitter and Back Pack E-Mail

    ·       Use on-line sign up Survey Monkey


    ·       Jaworek Families

    ·       Volunteers from Business/Company that relate to event.

    ·       Reach out to NHS Members: Mrs. Ramos &Mrs. Fessenden (Chairs)

    ·       Ask for Volunteer 2 weeks before event (or longer). Give parents efficient notice to plan.

    ·       CORI should be on file for normal school hour events. If unsure check with the office staff.

    ·       CORI is NOT needed for AFTER school hours.

    ·       Use Survey Monkey for volunteer sign up. Contact Jen Elliott


    ·       Contact Jaworek@kidborough.com

    ·       If event overlaps their time (aka for set-up ect.)

    ·       Event, date and time. Ask if they can relocate to gym.

    ·       They have first call on café/gym. We may need to work around their schedule!

    Custodial Staff:

    ·       Ask them to please lock down the hallways/doors that night.

    Bake Sale:

    ·       Contact Bake Sale Chair. Cait Taylor cait.m.taylor@gmail.com

    ·       Check Basement for Water/Juice Boxes: Purchase if necessary.

    ·       Ask parents/businesses for bake sale donations

    ·       Coordinate volunteers needed. Parents/NHS Members

    Incentive for PARENT Volunteers: (may be a different incentive per event)

    ·       Free: Admission, Food, Raffle tickets ect… determined per event

    ·       Volunteer Raffle: Every event volunteered will receive a raffle ticket. Raffle winner announced at Be Creative Block Party.



    PTO Contact Info: jaworekpto@gmail.com

    President……………..Jess Culkin      jess_culkin@hotmail.com            

    V. President………….Cait Taylor       cait.m.taylor@gmail.com     

    Secretary…………….Jen Elliott         dnajen@yahoo.com 

    Treasurer…………….Jamie Ullery     jullery@hotmail.com                                      


    Find this information as a printable word document here!

    *Please reach out to the PTO Board with any questions and concerns*