• Guidelines for Fundraiser Chairs


    • The PTO does not accept cash as a form of payment for fundraisers done through backpack mail. All fundraiser letters should include the following line: The PTO accepts checks and money orders and cannot be responsible for cash submitted as a form of payment for fundraisers.
    • $25.00 and receipts must be given to the Treasurer within a week. Receipts are required for reimbursement.
    • PTO purchases need to be made using the tax exempt certificate and must be purchased separately from personal purchases.
    • Please track all money taken in and spent separately.
    • All money collected should be given to the Treasurer at the end of a one-time Event or within 3 days of receipt.
    • Students’ names should be written on all checks.
    • Money may not be left at the school. Please make arrangements ahead of time.
    • All Events must be approved by the Board and then scheduled on the main school calendar in the office.
    • All volunteers must submit a CORI form to the school in person with their license.
    • The copy center is available for all copying needs pertaining to all fundraisers. 
    • Backpack mail is sent home every Wednesday. Please plan accordingly so your flyers are ready. All flyers must be first be translated into Spanish and Portuguese. A week before you need the flyers please email Mary Murphy the flyer with a request to Translate.
    • Plan on sending home information about your event at least twice prior to the Event.
    • Please refer to the enclosed classroom list for copying and distributing appropriate translated flyers.
    • Check all information from the prior Chair before creating flyers and other material. More often than not you can utilize old flyers by simply changing dates.
    • Please do not use PTO e-mail addresses for personal business and use bcc when you send out bulk mail.

    Communicate information about your fundraiser two ways:

    1. Via the monthly newsletter. The information needs to be submitted to Ayako Barnum (Ayako.barnum@gmail.com) by the 15th of each month.
    2. Asking a Board Member to utilize the school sign.