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2017 Citywide Art Show and Cultural Event Brings Families Together

Julie Baker and Lynne Medailleu


Families, art, music, dance performances, and laughter filled the halls of the Whitcomb school on March 30, at Marlborough Public School's annual city wide art show.  Throughout the school, a wide variety of artwork from kindergarten - twelfth grade was proudly displayed.  For the first-time this year, the art show added a cultural component consisting of student performances which included Capoeira, a Brazilian martial arts that combines elements of dance, acrobatics and music, a solo Indian traditional dance performance, and a colorful Mariachi dance troupe.  In addition, the high school's Dream Team led a Tree of Life participatory activity for families where all ages were invited to dip their hands in colorful paint and put their handprints on a large canvas.  As shown in the photo, Julie Baker (left), the district's Art Coordinator for grades K - 12 and Lynne Medailleu (right), Director of English Learners, collaborated to invigorate this year's art show into a major cultural event.  Congratulations to all the talented students and many teachers who came together for a spectular night of family fun, creativity and joy!


Click here to see the fantastic Capoeira performance!