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20th Anniversary of cultural exchange program.



Whitcomb students travel to Akiruno as part of a long celebrated exchange program.




Leaving for Akiruno

Students prepare to leave for Akurino Bus ride to airport headed to Akurino

The Whitcomb students and chaperones are on their way to Akiruno City, Japan for the annual Exchange Program. This year’s chaperones are Angela House, Ben Hatch and Eileen Barry. We also have School Committee members, Michelle Bodin-Hettinger and Heidi Matthews, Principal Daniels and honored guest, Nancy Klein traveling with the group to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of this Exchange Program. Safe travels to our ambassadors!!


Welcomed at our partner city.

Students in Akurino Students are welcomed to Akurino


On October 12th, the students and chaperones of Whitcomb School were welcomed by the City of Akiruno with a special ceremony. The students and chaperones made speeches in Japanese, as is the custom of the program. The students will now stay with their host families and attend school in Akiruno City. There will be another ceremony and celebration on October 13th to mark the 20th Anniversary of our Cultural and School Exchange Program!


Celebrating a 20 year partnership with our friends in Akiruno.


Twentieth Anniversary Ceremony Twentieth Ceremony


Akiruno Mascots Partnership Banner



On October 13, 2018, Akiruno City, Japan and Marlborough Public Schools celebrated the 20th Anniversary of the Marlborough Akiruno Exchange Program at a special ceremony in Marlborough’s sister city, Akiruno-Shi, Japan. 


The Mayor of Akiruno and School Committee Vice Chair, Michelle Bodin Hettinger exchanged gifts on behalf of each city. Joining Mrs. Bodin Hettinger as honored guests were, School Committee representative, Heidi Matthews, Nancy Klein, the program’s longest running advisor and founding member and Brian Daniels. Kaori Ohara of the Akiruno Host Family Club and Emi Yamagishi of the Akiruno International Youth Club were also in attendance. 


The program has given hundreds of students and host families in both cities the unique opportunity to immerse themselves and learn about life in each city. We wish the Marlborough Akiruno Exchange Program continued success!