Switching to REMOTE

Announcement picture Switching to REMOTE

Good Morning Parents and Guardians,

Last night at the School Committee meeting I made the recommendation to switch from Hybrid to Remote learning on Monday Oct. 19th 2020.  The School Committee supported this recommendation, as did the Marlborough Board of Health.  I want to give you as much notice as possible so you can secure your childcare plans moving forward.  No return date has been set for resuming in person learning at this time. 

Over the last three weeks, Marlborough has been designated as “High Risk” for transmission of coronavirus on the Department of Public Health website. 

State Data Dashboard COVID-19

Community COVID-19 Map

We know Marlborough will remain in the “High Risk” designation for tonight’s state report as well, making it four consecutive weeks.  For four weeks the public health data has shown a consistent increase in the number of positive cases in Marlborough.  We have also seen an increase in positive cases in the schools.  From Thursday (10/8) through Monday (10/12), there were 11 additional cases across the schools, bringing our total positive cases to 18. 

I know this is disruptive and disheartening for our children who are thriving in the schools.  I am hopeful a community wide effort to reduce the transmission of COVID can bring us back to in person learning. 

Please watch your emails for additional guidance from your Principal on remote learning starting on Monday Oct. 19th

Thank you,

Michael Bergeron

Superintendent of Schools